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Exciting Exhibition Preview in Gibraltar as part of Art Space Art Fair

Updated: Jul 3

I am thrilled to announce that today I will be showcasing my works from the series Monochromatic Language and Power of Isolation. I was selected by Paul Sharpley ower of Art Space Gallery in Gibraltar from among numerous submissions for this exhibition, and I am incredibly proud of this achievement.

The exhibition will take place at Art Space Gallery, a renowned gallery known for its dedication to Contemporary Art. This event is even more special because it will feature my new photo shoot, which beautifully combines my abstract art with the stunning depth of the ocean and the rocky coastline. The backdrop of Gibraltar, where I will have the opportunity to meet you today, adds a unique charm to this presentation. The photos for this shoot were taken by the talented Szymon Gebel.

Join me for the exclusive preview of my New Exhibition today, the 11th, from 5:30 pm onwards, as part of the Art Space Art Fair in Gibraltar.

The exhibition will run from June 12th to June 20th. 📍 120a Irish Town, Gibraltar

I am eagerly looking forward to sharing my latest creations with you and engaging in inspiring conversations about art and creativity.

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