The key to understanding the unique art of mine is knowing my background. Before I left Poland, I spent almost 10 years working in the technology sector. My pieces are a combination of two passions of mine - art and digital marketing.

I found a common language linking these two entirely different worlds. The purpose is to show we have a possibility to communicate not only by words, it can be done by using symbols and colours. My optical and minimalist approach to the art form illustrates my work in the chaotic world of the Internet. 


The essence of my pieces is characterized by: simplicity, attention to details, monochromatic blocks of colors often energized by a strong diagonal line. I treat my viewers with intense interactions between lines, houses and forms. I adhere to the principle that "less is more". Art can be like business - by reducing the aspect of work and optimizing the process, we can achieve better results and spoil the audience with marvellous effects. Understanding this process makes me highly unique.