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Behind every artist is the creative power.


My name is Dorota Zys, I am an abstract, minimalist visual artist and modern art painter. 

I have degrees in Painting, Fine Arts Pedagogy, Photography and Art Criticism, but in fact art is not something you can learn, it comes naturally. Since I remember painting was a big part of my life. Nonetheless it was not my first choice when it came to choosing a future profession. Throughout my ten-year career, I have been strictly connected with the marketing industry, helping others grow their businesses. My numerous supporters are people particularly fond of luxurious pieces of art. The global circle of admirers includes major businesses’ CEO’s, public figures and financial entrepreneurs. My strategies, co-operations, market acumen and developing network combined with a genuine affection towards art bear fruit of success. Various media branches regularly reach out to me for commentaries as they value my opinion and up to date knowledge on the subject. 

As a CMO of two well performing Startups I can call myself a successful woman. But… it is simply not enough. At some point I could feel my creative mind calling what was unfeasible to ignore – time for a change. The change is happening now and you have just become a part of it.


The key to understanding the unique art of mine is knowing my background. Before I left Poland, I spent almost 10 years working in the technology sector. My pieces are a combination of two passions of mine – art and digital marketing. I found a common language linking these two entirely different worlds. The purpose is to show we have a possibility to communicate not only by words, it can be done by using symbols and colours. My optical and minimalist approach to the art form illustrates my work in the chaotic world of the Internet. 


The essence of my pieces is characterized by: simplicity, attention to details, monochromatic blocks of colors often energized by a strong diagonal line. I treat my viewers with intense interactions between lines, houses and forms. I adhere to the principle that “less is more”. Art can be like business – by reducing the aspect of work and optimizing the process, we can achieve better results and spoil the audience with marvellous effects. Understanding this process makes me highly unique.


A dose of modern art put on canva,  large in size, enhances the status of the area it’s placed in. Prints of my creation can define the atmosphere of its habitat, regardless of the kind of activities performed inside. It can be easily adjusted to a limited space of a conference room or an open, exterior area. Long story short – if you’ve been on a lookout for the finest, 40inch or more, piece of artwork, this store is where your search comes to an end. Whatever is going to brighten up your are hanging on a wall – it’s here.


Apart from its own value, it will profoundly add to the overall price estimation of a premise if you ever were to lease it. It will immediately become an integral part, as opposed to being an object absorbing the space.

  • Creating large format pieces for individuals customized to their style and tailored to their needs 
  • Cooperation with architects and help in selecting the perfect interior designs for individual and commercial clients 
  • Sale of completed paintings via website

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If you would like to know more about my work, conditions of cooperation or me personally, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than delighted to answer all of your questions.

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Discover the latest collection of pieces made by me in my studio and find the unique one that matches your needs. Before you start, there is one thing I want you to remember - there is no right or wrong way of searching for this one and only artwork. What is frequently spotted on contemporary market are artists giving their audience numerous advices on what to look for or what to be aware of. I am not following the crowd. The only guidance given by me sounds „Take your time”. Find your own connection and let the art speak to you.

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