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Title : SEA, 2019

Bold black and white painting combines geometry with sea and landscape.

This black and white painting is a striking composition that combines geometric figures with a dramatic landscape and the serene blue of the sea. The use of bold black and white tones gives the piece a graphic quality, while the intricate lines and shapes used to depict the figures, landscape, and sea create a sense of depth and dimensionality. The precise placement of the elements within the composition conveys a sense of balance and stability, while the contrasting curves and angles of the geometric figures add a sense of energy and movement. The blue of the sea provides a tranquil counterpoint to the graphic quality of the rest of the piece, inviting the viewer to escape into a peaceful and calming world. This imaginative and visually striking piece showcases the artist's ability to create a harmonious and powerful composition through the use of contrasting elements and visual techniques.

Project Gallery

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