I welcome all business oriented people and companies (architects, developers, gallery owners) who want to offer modern art work for their clients.

I aim to change the way people think of contemporary art, to show how deep and beautiful it is in its simplicity. To me art is an investment. It is an investment of our time, money and emotions. Nothing less, nothing more.


Productive Workplace

I can help you create a more productive workplace. Art stimulates conversation, promotes creative thinking and let’s not forget the most obvious thing – it can simply make your workplace look fantastic when you come in every morning. I welcome all business oriented people and companies (architects, developers, gallery owners) who want to offer modern art work for their clients.


For ages, art has been recognized as a conversation fuel, a spark for the productivity of great minds. Nonetheless, the inspirational values aside, it simply turns an office into a spectacular space you enjoy working in daily. I will be more than delighted to cooperate with business owners/enterprises with a desire to offer modern works of art to their customers or partners.

A dose of modern art put on canva,  large in size, enhances the status of the area it’s placed in. Prints of my creation can define the atmosphere of its habitat, regardless of the kind of activities performed inside.

It can be easily adjusted to a limited space of a conference room or an open, exterior area. Long story short - if you’ve been on a lookout for the finest, 40 inch or more, piece of artwork, this store is where your search comes to an end. Whatever is going to brighten up your work or hang on a wall - it’s here.

Interior Design

To pave the way and provide instruments for a perfect intimacy between people and space, both on the material and figurative level. Opaque solutions to transparent dilemmas.


Imagine not having to wander through a bunch of galleries overflowing with needlessness. My pieces are the missing pieces in any puzzle you will ever face while dealing with interior design. I welcome you warmly on my website and encourage you to evaluate my work - with my personal guarantee that what you are going to come across will be nothing but the most original and complete offer among all available. Should you enjoy your discoveries here, do not hesitate to make a direct purchase via contact form. Make sure to pay a visit regularly, as the catalogue is constantly being updated.


Apart from its own value, it will profoundly add to the overall price estimation of a premise if you ever were to lease it. It will immediately become an integral part, as opposed to being an object absorbing the space.

My Clients

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