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Sure! Here is a FAQ:

  1. What is the focus of Dorota Zys's art pieces?

    Dorota Zys's art pieces are characterized by simplicity, attention to details, monochromatic blocks of color, and a strong diagonal line. Her pieces aim to provide intense interactions between lines, shapes, and forms.

  2. What is unique about Dorota Zys's approach to art?

    Dorota Zys's background in both the technology sector and digital marketing gives her a unique perspective on art. She believes that art and business can be combined to achieve better results and engage audiences.

  3. How does Dorota Zys's background in digital marketing influence her art?

    Dorota Zys's minimalist and optical approach to art reflects her work in the digital world. She uses symbols and colors to communicate and show that art can be a form of communication beyond words.

  4. What type of training does Dorota Zys have in the arts?

    Dorota Zys has degrees in Abstract Painting, Photography, Art Criticism, and Fine Arts Pedagogy.

  5. Can I see Dorota Zys's art in person?

    Yes, Dorota Zys's art can be viewed in person in Marbella, Spain.

  6. Is it possible to purchase Dorota Zys's art?

    Yes, it is possible to purchase Dorota Zys's art. Please contact her for further information.

  7. Does Dorota Zys offer workshops or classes in abstract art painting?

    It is not specified in the information provided. Please contact Dorota Zys directly for more information on workshops or classes.

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