My name is Dorota Zys, I am an abstract, minimalist visual artist and modern art painter
based in Marbella, Spain.

I have degrees in Painting, Photography, Art Criticism and Fine Arts Pedagogy, but in fact art is not something you can learn, it comes naturally. Since I remember painting was a big part of my life. Nonetheless it was not my first choice when it came to choosing a future profession. Throughout my ten-year career, I have been strictly connected with the marketing industry, helping others grow their businesses. My numerous supporters are people particularly fond of luxurious pieces of art. The  global circle of admirers includes major businesses’ CEO’s, public figures and financial entrepreneurs. My strategies, co-operations, market acumen and developing network combined with a genuine affection towards art bear fruit of success. Various media branches regularly reach out to me for commentaries as they value my opinion and up to date knowledge on the subject. 


As a CMO of two Startups I can call myself a successful woman. But it is simply not enough. At some point I could feel my creative mind calling what was unfeasible to ignore - time for a change. The change is happening now and you have just become a part of it.




Painting, University of Zielona Góra, Zielona Gora, Poland

 SEPTEMBER 2002 - JULY - 2005

Photography, Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland 

SEPTEMBER 2003 - JULY - 2008

Art Criticism, Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland

 SEPTEMBER 2003 - JULY - 2008

Fine Arts Pedagogy, Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland

 SEPTEMBER 2003- JULY - 2008

Internet and Mobile Applications
Wyzsza Szkoła Bankowa 
Poznan, Poland

SEPTEMBER 2012- JULY - 2012


  1. Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification

  2. Certification ART THERAPY Virtued Academy International’s

  3. Google UX Design Certificate

  4. Value of innovation - Pro Design

  5. Success and Change  - Starway Sp. z o.o.

  6. Specialist of Marketing and Promotion - Training Avans Center

  7. Social media in business - Concordia Design

  8. Public Relations" ESF RO Information

9.   Effective use of time - Regional Labour Office

10. Effective setting of goals - ProactiveClubs

11. E-Commerce in Internet sales - Allegro QXL            Poland

12. Create inspiring presentation - Concordia                Design

13. Coaching skills and presentation - SET                      Group

14. Professional Assistant - Banking Education Society